Family Friday: Your Favorite Part

Every Friday we will share some ideas on how to improve your family values or life. The hope is that as you end a busy week and enter the weekend with your family that you can reflect on these ideas and connect as a family through them. If you ever come across something you think would be great to share, please share with us on our Contact Us page.

Sometimes I find it hard to connect with my family after a very difficult day. It could be a day with too many missed opportunities to connect or possibly we were rushing around getting too much accomplished. And on those days, when I lay in bed I feel that we didn’t really take in the day like we should have and we didn’t end on a positive note. Does that ever happen to you?

One day a few months ago I decided I wanted to change this and end the day with some positive conversation that could get some insight on how my family is feeling before we go to bed. Before our prayers we started asking the question

“What was your favorite part of the day?”

Now, if you didn’t know, the understanding of time concepts for two and four year olds is all messed up. They really struggle sometimes with differentiating between today and yesterday, before naps and after naps, this week and next week, etc. My daughter regularly awakes from naps saying “It’s morning time!”. When you ask kiddos of this age what their favorite park of the WHOLE DAY was, is really amusing because they will pull memories from months ago but also pick out some of the most random events of the days. Here are a few of my favorite:

Watching our first Texas High School Football game.
Watching our first Texas High School Football game.
  • Going to Great Wolf Lodge with Granddad & (abuela) Coco (we went to Great Wolf Lodge over 6 months ago and yes, we have been there with both Granddad & Coco, but not at the same time.)
  • Going poopoo in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Watching the football game
  • When sister cried
    and then you hugged her and then we played together.

The insight into what each person takes away from a day is fascinating, especially children. I might be thinking the day has been a total drag, while my husband was thinking how much he enjoyed it. By taking turns asking the question, “What was your favorite part of the day” and listening to each other’s answers, we discover what has been impactful and meaningful to each of us.

We love doing this so much at night that we decided to also do this after we go someplace, especially someplace new. We will usually ask in the car on the way home, “What was your favorite part about the museum?”, “What was your favorite park about the party?”, “What was your favorite part about that park?”, etc.

Painting pumpkinsAnd you know the majority of the time…it is not about the place, it is not about the flow of the function, it is not about the special treat they got. The majority of the time, they express their favorite part involves doing something with someone. Sharing, playing, touching, and enjoying an experience WITH someone. That someone could be family or friends or even someone they met that day.

I love getting a little insight into what each of us thinks was important to remember about a place or experience. We often times talk more about someone’s favorite thing because it is what we all enjoyed.

My Family Friday challenge for you this week is to ask your family the simple question….”What was your favorite part?” I would love to hear how this opens up conversations in your home and also makes you realize what is special to your children and family.

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