Family Friday Posts are Back!

Our Family Friday posts are back and I am so excited to put some new life into them. When I joined WiseMommies, I had these great plans for this continuing series but never really followed through with it regularly. So this year, I will give some parameter and focus on our Family Friday posts so that our readers understand what it is and why it is important to follow (and so I know what I am writing about).

Family Friday posts will be dedicated to taking one small idea or action and encourage you and your family to use that to grow closer together through the weekend and the next week. Family Friday posts might be about your children, your spouse, your family or even the people you interact with on a daily basis. I want these posts to be purposeful in creating conversations within your family, opening up more worldly views of your daily life and encourage actions that will change the way you live.

Small thingsKind of sounds too lofty of goals but, in reality, a small change, observation or word can make the biggest impact in your life and family. We will be focusing on all kinds of things: cooking, using our senses, objects or actions to observe, how we can serve others, etc. Each idea will help you connect more with your family in some way.

Family Fridays will be about putting the focus on the family in some way. I hope you will check back each Friday to see what crazy suggestion I have for you and your family to connect, grow, engage, open up and take action.

I would love to hear what small thing happened this week that impacted your life or your day? Was there something that someone did or say that made you change your attitude? Is there anything your family has done recently that has made you more connected?

Sharing is Caring!

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