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When you are a family going through adoption there are a lot of special moments or day:  the day you go “live” with your profile, the day you are matched, the day your child is placed with you (Gotcha Day). Every adoption is different and weaves its own story, but all adoptions have one day or moment that is the same: Adoption Day. Adoption Day is the day that you legally are bound as a family. Sometimes the child(ren)’s name(s) are changed, sometimes the birth family is present, sometimes the judge is really nice and hands out toys to the newly adopted. But Adoption Day is a BIG DEAL to adoptive families.

For us both sides of our family came into town, friends threw us an adoption party and our son’s legal name was changed. It was the day we had been counting down to for many, many years and we wanted to make it special.

My husband came up with a wonderful idea, every year on our son’s Adoption Day we make it a Family Day (yeah, catchy name). Everyone takes off work/school and we spend the day as a family doing something fun. That first year we spent time with our family that was in town. The second year we went to the Texas State Fair and let our son enjoy all the sugary goodness he wanted to enjoy (OK maybe us too)! The next year, my mother-in-law flew into town to help our small little family out because we had just grown by one more since my daughter was born a few weeks earlier. This year we have talked about going to the Zoo which our son loves and my husband has yet to go to. Future plans include day trips to see dinosaurs and working farms but also longer weekend trips of camping and festival crashing.

Here’s the special thing about our Adoption Day turned to Family Day…it’s not a new concept. People have Gotcha Days, Sobriety Day and Debt Free Day and other special days that have purpose & meaning for them.  Everyone does something different, but the idea is that this day has MEANING in their lives beyond the typical Christmas, birthday, engagement, Labor Day where you celebrate in some festive way. These days symbolizes something significant that happened to change the course of their lives. Maybe you already have a day like this in your life?

Our Family Friday Challenge is to think of a special day for your family and start strategizing on how to make it a day for the whole family. Maybe this day is the day you moved to a new place, or a day that you lost someone close to the family or you could even do a special day for each member of your family, like a Half Birthday. I’ve heard many great stories of people celebrating half birthdays by giving away possessions to other families in need. So pick a day special for one or for the whole and take action! Make it special and purposeful, do something you normally don’t do; explore a special interest; engage in activities that you normally wouldn’t do and celebrate each other! This day is about celebrating YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR JOY, YOUR LIFE TOGETHER. Spend it together, talk, laugh, cry, spread the good news, go sailing, do something that your family will remember each and every year. 

Does your family have a special day already? What day would you pick? What would make you choose to do a Family Day vs. individual days? What will you call the day and how do you envision using your time?




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