Fascinating Cocoon

 This cocoon, picture left, was on the hardi board of our home and caught my eye the other day. It has to be the most fascinating and interesting cocoon that I have ever seen. It is sort alien-like and scary with its gold, metal, spikes and such. My son and I spent nearly 15 minutes just looking at it, carefully touching it, and talking about the colors. It was so different and extraordinary unlike any cocoon that I’ve ever seen. It truly was a magical closet, not just from knowing the amazing transformation taking place inside but from the look of it outwardly. I would love to know what species of butterfly or moth is being created in this cocoon. Will it be brightly-hued, a beautiful symmetric butterfly or darkened cremes, a bland dishevelled moth; appearances can be deceiving


As I observed this cocoon, I thought to myself how lovely simple moments are, such as this. My son and I took such simple joy in this observation of God’s tender but delicate touch of beauty with such fine details. Just the metamorphosis alone is so awe-inspiring and I believe it really shows how God showers us with simple pleasures in this world as well as his power of creation.


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