Finding a moment for yourself as a mom

Two attempts at a hot relaxing bath: FAIL
It’s been 2+ years since I’ve taken a nice, long, hot, bath where I could just soak and relax. Recently, I attempted such.
Attempt #1: Although, I knew my husband would be bringing me one twin at a time to bathe, as we had just come home from a water-babies’ class, still time soaking in the tub with a baby can be nice. That is until my toddler burst in, stripped down, and jumped in. Relaxing bath-time finished! And, you should see the mess I have to go clean up in the bathroom, ahhhh!

Bathtime pic final
Yes what I had hoped for and imagined and REALITY!!! What really happened….

Attempt #2: Last month, my husband gifted me with time for a hot bath. With the toddler in bed, I handed off the infant twins to my husband. As I started to soak, and eye the girl scout cookies and red wine on the side, I couldn’t ignore the twins which had both started crying, were soon screaming, and in the distance I heard the frustration of my husband. Bath-time finished before it even began!

I think I will give up on baths for now! I know my time for me or finding a moment or even having a bubble bath will happen again. I’m just not sure when. How do you find a moment for yourself as a mom?

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