Finding out you are pregnant with twins

8 weeks pregnant: I hadn’t really told anyone I was pregnant but how do you hide a twin belly at only 8 weeks like the one I had?

My first post, pregnancy surprise, I talked about the shock of having twins. There have been many surprising moments in my life, but finding out I was pregnant with twins has been the biggest. A moment that truly changed everything! Everyday I’m amazed to think of two babies growing inside of me.


I’m currently reading a book written by another twin mom, she talks about her similar experience to mine, with finding out she was pregnant with twins. She also had significant spotting at the end of the 2nd month and was nervous to see if she was even pregnant for the first ultrasound probe. Then she felt relief and happiness as they found a heartbeat, showing that she was still pregnant. Once there is a heartbeat, there is a 90% survival rate for a baby. Then she experienced shock, like I had, to be told by the sonographer that there was another heartbeat and she had two hearts, two babies, twins, oh my! She labelled this moment as well “the moment.” Actually this is the perfect description because there isn’t an overwhelming emotional feeling which you can label other than just shock and being left speechless, hence “the moment.” It’s taking life-changing event to another level.


You enter into a whole new realm of parenthood when you enter into the world of multiples. Besides the moment, another commonly used term is Twin shock, which is the body-numbing reality of being pregnant with twins. Twin shock happens at different moments beginning with the stage of finding out to the reality of caring for two at once. I’ve been assured that twin shock is totally normal for parents of multiples.


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