First Day of School Experience

Apparently, my child sometimes gets carsick. I learned this during our weekly commute to his mother’s day out school which is a 30-45 minute drive. He doesn’t get carsick everytime but maybe 3x a month, and always right before arriving at school.


This introduction into carsickness leads us to our first day of school experience for this year. We had Opa (grandfather) visiting us from Germany. Opa had dressed up for this special day. You could even smell the cologne radiating off of him. During breakfast, Opa kept asking our son if he wanted honey or syrup on his pancakes. I told him we didn’t add sweeteners to his pancakes. Well, Opa, who was only about spoiling, ignored me and continued to ask my son if he wanted sweeteners. I explained how he sometimes gets carsick and so adding sweeteners wouldn’t be a good idea. Finally Opa left the subject alone.


Driving, as we approached the school, my son started to cry in the back. I asked him what was wrong but Opa just dismissed me saying the sun was in his ey es. I told him that the cry was one of being carsick not having sun in his eyes but Opa said ya ya, sun in his eyes and waved his hand at me to concentrate on driving and not worry myself otherwise. This happened a couple of times.


Finally, we arrived at the school and Opa took my son out of the car and was talking “baby talk” to console him as my son started crying. I kept thinking he’s got to be carsick because my child doesn’t cry when being dropped off like this and doesn’t need consoling….. Then Opa mutters several things in German, which I didn’t understand, and I saw both my son and Opa covered in throw up. Opa’s nice shirt, pants down to his shoes, covered in throw up. Bad situation but for me it worked out nicely that Opa actually took the majority of the mess leaving me not as much to clean up on my son.


The look on Opa’s face was priceless. He just froze looking up and down at the mess on him saying “oh ????????” (all in German) Not sure what he was saying, but probably words to match his face which showed surprise, frustration and shock. I had wanted to take a picture, as I usually try to do at such moments, but I wasn’t sure how German Opa would have reacted to thatJ


Opa thinks at this point that we would get back in the car and go home, but to his surprise we go inside and I help clean them both up in the bathroom. Of course, imagine how lovely I looked carrying in my son who was only wearing a diaper, at this point, and Opa trailing behind us, covered in yuck and red faced. After a cleanup in the bathroom, I change my son’s clothes into his backup outfit and Opa took his nice dress shirt off leaving him to sport his white undershirt.


As if that was the end to my day, later, when I picked my son up, he was wearing a short, white girly dress/frock. When the teacher, pointed him out to me, I didn’t even see it was my son. I even had a moment where my heart stopped and you think that isn’t my son, there has been a mix-up and somebody has taken my son. As I’m looking at this pretty boy in a pretty dress, the teacher tells me to please pack an extra pair of clothes for when my child has an accident….I try to explain how he had gotten car sick and was wearing his change of clothes, but I think my bad German didn’t explain well. All the other German parents were looking at me (felt judging eyes) in the hallway as well. I did a walk of shame out of the school for the first day of school with my frocked boy beside me looking “pretty.” What a first day!


At least I had a good time laughing and poking fun at Opa. The only thing better than giving your parents a hard time is giving your in-laws a hard time….especially when they are German!!!

And I was teasing Opa oh was I teasing him saying such, “too bad we didn’t add that syrup to the pancakes, huh Opa,”, “oh and you could have had some syrup to go with those pancakes this morning”, “just the sun in his eyes, eh”, “wasn’t that a fun first day drop off, eh Opa?” and “you should have worn more cologne so we could have smelled it over the throw up smell but then again the mix of the two was pretty bad.” He wasn’t really laughing much, but did mention something about his kids never getting sick like that. Lol, I think he was trying to passively put his frustration on me that our son must get carsick due to a gene malfunction of mine. That’s ok, I’m still laughing at Opa and the situation!!

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