Fitness Marshall Events, Dallas TX, Booties at Attention!

Are you familiar with the Fitness Marshall? How would you like a FREE ticket to his SOLD OUT show in Dallas? I’m giving one away friends to the Fitness Marshall Event, Dallas TX, Booties at Attention! !!! Details below.

Caleb Marshall, creator of the Fitness Marshall, creates original vibrant hip-hop-pop inspired dance workouts.  I’m a huge fan of this guy and his whole fitness crew. I mean just watch this video below…. as soon as he said “Ok, you just got to church, you’re starting to feel the spirit, ok it’s taking over your body.” I mean isn’t that how dancing should be, helping your spirit shine through? The first time I watched his dance video, I was laughing so hard I sometimes couldn’t follow.

Since I was a little girl, I, like many little girls or boys at heart, would(do) sometimes daydream that I’m a hip-hop super star. The reality is that I have no real dance rhythm and struggle to even follow more formal cardio-emphasizing movement classes. That’s why you’ll find me mostly attending a yoga or barre class. Then I discovered the Fitness Marshall. This guy is so easy to follow and it seems natural to dance with him. I also find myself laughing and wanting to dance with him.

Check out this video of my three boys dancing with Caleb. They also love dancing with his videos. I have two of my boys in hip-hop class at their elementary school. Watching Caleb’s videos, I love that they can be inspired seeing another man doing hip-hop and dance along with him via his fun videos.

Remember, no judgment of their dancing–that’s most of the fun! Like Caleb says his mission is to create, “a safe space for people to be their most authentic self through fun, easy-to-follow choreography” and his videos do just that, making one feel free to dance without judgment. So when my boys tell me they can’t do a certain dance move that Caleb or his fitness crew is doing, I tell them, that’s ok, do what you can or create your own move, your own personalized dance stamp.

I’m so excited to share my love of the Fitness Marshall with my Dallas peeps. The Fitness Marshall is going to be live here in Dallas for three days, Friday March 17th through Sunday, March 19th.

Unfortunately, all three shows sold out before you could say jumping jellyfish. However, I have one free ticket with a post-show meet, greet, photo op with the Fitness Marshall for one lucky WiseMommies’ follower. How exciting is that?! I’m excited!

Stay tuned in for more from the Fitness Marshall as I cover two of his shows in Dallas and sit down to interview him and his fans. Hope to see you at his Dallas event: Booties at attention! Be ready to sweat yourself sexy with the Fitness Marshall.

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Fitness Marshall Dallas Event

Lastly, I just wanted to give a personal shout-out to one of WiseMommies’ guest bloggers and dear friends, Eryn, from England who helped make my connection with the Fitness Marshall possible. And to Caleb for inspiring me to have fun dancing at home with my boys. To dance like no one is watching and if they are, who cares because I’m having so much fun dancing!!

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  1. I had never heard of the fitness Marshall. You are right it is pretty funny. I too have no real dance rhythm so perhaps I’ll have to give this a shot. Thanks for sharing.


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