Fondue Traditions for New Year’s Eve

 Every year, we wisemommies have come together as families and spent the whole day, evening, night, going into the morning hours, on New Year’s Eve eating fondue. We have perfected our recipes and how to and will be sharing our fondue “how to” with our readers this year.

Fondue, a Swiss national dish, is a communal pot serving melted cheese.

You can also have meat and chocolate fondue, but cheese is the truest of fondue. As a cheese lover, developed in thanks to years living and being around my French friend and former roommate in Ireland, both us wisemommies concentrated heavily on perfecting the perfect and most proper of cheese fondues. Then to please our families and fill everyones’ stomachs we add meat and dessert fondues to our meal plan for New Year’s Eve.

We originally came up with the idea of Raclette as a New Year’s Eve tradition as it is a popular tradition amongst many Germans. Raclette is a special cheese usually prepared on a special pan for Raclette cheese. Once heated, instead of dipping into the cheese, Raclette cheese is usually scraped onto a plate. However, we couldn’t find a Raclette pan in Dallas and after visiting the restaurant Simply Fondue, we decided to make fondue our tradition, as it also is in many other countries, for New Year’s Eve, throughout Europe. 

For the following week we will be sharing our cheese, meat and dessert fondue recipes. They are so yummy! You have to try them out!! If not for New Years’ Eve, then for Valentines, a birthday surprise, girls night in, or any other special occasion. Fondue is also a fun dinner to do with the older kids as a family!


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