Foods with Iron

Add variety to your children’s diet while slipping in that needed Iron

A Supplement List:

  1. Pair veggies and grains with some meat for better iron absorption
  2. Pair vitamin C with iron for better absorption
  3. Add spices such as thyme or curry to dishes

Serve the following:

    • Beans: lentils, dried/baked beans, black eye peas, peas, white beans, soy beans
    • broccoli or other green leafy veggies
    • Sweet potato
    • Pretzels
    • Blackstrap molasses
    • Use ground turkey in the sauce for your spaghetti-Bolognese
    • Liver, if your child will eat it, dish it up (in moderate quantities so they don’t get too much vitamin A)

When pairing Vitamin C with iron for better absorption, use a variety from different food sources. Everyone told me to pair oranges up with iron when I started my son on solids. The problem with oranges, for all babies, the acidity can cause a rash or digestive upset. Also, I did not want to introduce citrus fruits given our family history of allergies. Instead, I paired non citrus fruits such as avocadoes and kiwi with iron for the diet of my baby’s first foods

There are so many other fruits higher in vitamin C content than even oranges. Give a variety of vitamin C options to your children. Here is a chart that I use for my personal reference: click here!



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