Free Brain Stimulating Events and Activities

This is probably my second favorite FREE activity that I have participated in with all three of my sons. I took my kids to this parent and me water program class at the age of 3 to 6 months for my older son and 4 to 8 months with the twins. Since the twins were born early, Emler let me extend the time of attendance. Usually the bathtime babies are for newborns 2 to 6 months of age. This is a fantastic program!!!

FREE Indoor Water Program:

Introducing Babies to the Wonderful World of Water

Emler Swim School

  • Pay $25 for a lifetime membership (membership cost but $0 for the class)
  • “Bathtime babies” for 2-6 months of age
  • Weekly event
  • Majority salt water and heated year-round
  • Great opportunity for working moms and dads to also participate with their Saturday classes
  • This program doesn’t teach babies to swim it is just a tool for introducing babies to the water, socialization, bonding as well as a different brain stimulating event

Love that this is a brain stimulating event for parent and newborn baby but also in a soothing not overwhelming way.

What Free Events or Activities have you found for you and your newborn(s)?

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