Free Swim Class for Newborn & Infants at Emler Swim School

I took my twins and my older son, when he was an infant, to FREE water programs. You can see me, in the feature pic, taking the twins!!

Emler swim school offers a free indoor water program from newborns up to the age of 6 months. It is a fantastic program! I highly recommend it. The instructors are helpful and kind. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. This was the perfect place and class to introduce my boys to water!

FREE  Indoor Water Program:  Introducing Babies to the Wonderful World of Water

Emler Swim School

  • Pay $25 for a lifetime membership (membership cost but $0 for the class)
  • “Bathtime babies” for 2-6 months of age
  • Weekly event
  • Majority salt water and heated year-round
  • Great opportunity for working dads to also participate on Saturdays 
  • This program doesn’t teach babies to swim it is just a tool for introducing babies to the water, socialization, and bonding

I also have learned how to safely swim and manage all three of my young boys by myself in and around pools. Click here for that post: Swimming Safely with Twins and Multiples.

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