Free Tuesdays at the Dallas Museum of Art

The first Tuesday of every month, the DMA, Dallas Museum of Art, Downtown Dallas, has FREE general admission. Every Tuesday, there are 7-10 different daily activities, all free, in the Center for Creative Connections. Some activities included are arts & crafts, musical instruments being performed along with storytellers, a chance to interact with Arturo (Museum mascot), storytime with the museums artwork being tied in, a family-friendly tour of the Museum, and playrooms inside for infants/toddlers as well as older toddlers and young children.


Last month, the theme was Winter Wonderland. My son and his friend got to have fun posing amongst snowflakes, paper chains, and a life-sized snow globe.

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Then the boys got to make a glitter & beaded-filled winter snow globe.

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The Museum’s family mascot, Arturo, came around and said hello to all the kids. He noticed my son’s snow globe and was commenting on it. My son picked it up to let Arturo have a better look and was smiling so proud. Captured in picture below….It’s moments like that which totally warm my heart! So precious!!!!

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We visitied the Theater for storytime. Of course, my child always wants to be one of the kids who stands right in front, under the nose of the storytellerJ Before leaving, the boys got to tap toes and clap hands with a storyteller and banjo player.

dma dec_2011_5_Copy

dma dec_2011_6_Copy










This month, the theme was Dress Up. My son and his friend started off in the crafts room. They transformed ordinary art supplies into jewels fit for a king.

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Then they made “runway-worthy” paper dolls. In theme with the well-known Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the DMA right now.

I let my son have complete control over decorating his doll. When he wanted glue somewhere, he took my hand, holding the glue, to where he wanted it added. I was actually shocked at how creative and able he was with decorating his doll completely on his own for not even being 2 yrs old yet. For me, it was a good reminder how our children can surprise us with their capabilities.

dma w_merike_4_Copy_Copy

dma w_merike_5_Copy











Showing his finished work and his friend at a drawing table creating his own art.

dma w_merike_6_Copy_Copy

dma w_merike_9_Copy












Of course, after crafts, the boys wanted to play in the interactive playrooms.

dma w_merike_7_Copy_Copy

dma w_merike_8_Copy
















In the Theater, the boys got to hear stories based on works in the Museum’s collection. The storyteller is a regular for the DMA and she is always clever with activities for involving and keeping the attention of all children.dma w_merike_3_Copy





My next two posts to follow will be more information about the DMA as well as a list of questions, which I have answered, that have been sent and asked of me, pertaining to the the First Tuesday events. Questions such as parking, taking the Dart, food, and age appropriate activities will be answered.


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