How to Tell if You are a Good Mom

This post, “How to Tell if You are a Good Mom” was originally a guest post for Kindermusik of Dallas. To all moms, Happy Mother’s Day 2017!

Are you a good mom? During pregnancy and right after having my first born, I just loved it when my friends would tell me, “you’re going to be a great mom.” This was so reassuring because honestly, I worried with the thought that maybe I wouldn’t be a good mom. It doesn’t help that I had the greatest mom in the world, and not only did I know this but everyone told me so. I always thought, how will I ever be as good as my mom or just a good mom in general. Parenthood is such a responsibility. I knew who I was as a wife, daughter, teacher, pet owner, and individual, but what would happen when the baby arrived? Even after the baby arrived, my fears of being a good mom continued.

Having a child is truly an unknown adventure different for each individual. No, I’m not the mom my mom was but I’d like to think that I’ve emulated the best from her as a mother and have continued on with that; perfecting it even more. Of course, my mothering style differs in some ways to my mother, but I think that happens naturally and instinctively. I’ve also realized that there really isn’t a perfect mom because truly nobody is perfect.

We moms also have the advantage of the internet. Aren’t we lucky as mothers, in this century, to have endless access to helpful tips and tricks and other motherly examples and support? We have the advantage of taking the best from all other mothers out there and implementing them into our home and own style of parenting.

So, if you are like me, asking the question, “am I a good mom” then fear not. It’s actually a good question. It means that you really care and you are going to be a good mom. Remember that there is no perfect ideal mom to live up to in this world. Be yourself as a mother while also being open-minded enough to learn from other mothers. So how to tell if you are a good mom? If you are striving and wanting to be a good mom through your time, attention, and love then you are a good mom. And over every other mom in the world, it is YOU that has been appointed to be YOUR child’s mom.

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