Got OIL? Get Educated; Essential Oils 101.

Have you ever smelled Wild Orange Essential oil? One word: Amazing! Join me, Christi – The Eclectic Mama, next week, (2 class dates to choose from) for a live class in Dallas! Get Educated; Essential Oils 101. First, 5 people to sign up for each class and attend will receive a 5 ml of Wild Orange for FREE! All attendees will be entered to win a 30-day pass to Bikram Dallas Yoga!

Five years ago, Wild Orange was the first essential oil I ever smelled! As a new mom to twins boys, I felt there was never a more important time to empower myself with the information and tools that would bring my family into an arena of sustainable wellness. When I first heard about essential oils I completely ignored them and passed them off as some sort of voodoo New Age stuff that I wouldn’t be interested in. It was at that time that I attended my first essential oil class (received my first bottle of Wild Orange) and couldn’t believe the impact it had on me. It was so powerful! I definitely considered myself a skeptic at first, but I was quickly converted.

As I sat in my first class and listened to the scientific explanations of how and why essential oils work, as well as real-life testimonials, I decided that maybe the whole idea of essential oils wasn’t as far-fetched as I had originally thought. So I bought a book, got my first sample bottle of Wild Orange and began researching for myself. I loved what I was reading and learning so I began purchasing a few TERRA oils here and there. As I tried the oils on myself and my kids I was seriously impressed and set out on a mission to find out how I could use these essential oils to help my family in our daily lives.

After a few years, we have completely changed our habits and now use essential oils for EVERYTHING – bruises, cuts, scrapes, bug bites, skin issues, stomach discomfort, tantrums, congestion, cooking, cleaning…you name something, I use an oil for it! After 2 years of success after success in my own family, I decided to help other women learn how to do the same.

Do you believe the body can heal itself when supported through simple whole foods, clean water, daily movement and the healing power of plants? I do!

Come learn more and hear for yourself why essential oils are amazing and how you can empower yourself with safe and natural solutions in your own home!
Come learn more and hear for yourself why essential oils are amazing and how you can empower yourself with safe and natural solutions in your own home!

Join me, Christi, by signing up for the class – First 5 sign-ups for each class will receive a FREE 5 ml bottle of Wild Orange for FREE! All who attend will be entered to win a 30-day pass to Bikram Yoga Dallas!

Essential Oils 101 (2 class dates to choose from!)
Wednesday, March 29th at 7:00 pm or Friday, March 31st at 7:00 pm
Location: Union Coffee Shop, 5622 Dyer St. #100, Dallas, TX 75206


Christi Luke (The Eclectic Mama) is a wife and a mother of five-year-old twin boys. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and an Interior Design degree, Christi loves to be creative. Prior to kids, Christi worked for McCann-Erickson a worldwide advertising agency as well as a Herman Miller commercial interior design firm. Christi always considered herself a healthy person, but after the birth of her twin boys, holistic health became her passion. She enjoys learning about a healthy diet, alternative medicine, and fitness. Essential oils are a major part of her life. She teaches people how to use doTERRA essential oils and enjoys sharing how to incorporate a holistic lifestyle into everyday life.

Christi is passionate about helping and watching people change and heal. She loves seeing people become a better version of themselves when their health starts thriving! It’s her way of contributing to the world so you can spend more time with your loved ones and in the world around you.
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