Happy Father’s (Papa) Day!!

Being German, we say papa instead of father. This is long overdue, but this message is to my hubby for being an amazing Papa. Happy Papa day to my loving husband.


Anyone can be a dad, but to really commit your time and love to your children is being a father. To my husband and papa, you have a wife and three boys who are very lucky and blessed to have you as a father. You are so committed. Thank you for working hard allowing me to be a SAHM for our children. Thank you for jumping on board and diving in, to be one of the greatest hands on dads ever, the minute you walk in from work. Thank you for communicating and loving me, as that alone shows our boys how much you love them. I don’t take the time to thank God or you, enough, for YOU! Thank you…

PS. Especially since we’ve entered “the twin zone”, I know fathering has been extra hard and tiring. Thanks for being my team player. I love you so very much! Picture is from hospital birth of our twins.


Happy Papa Day, Papa F erdinand, We Love YOU!

Your wife and 3 sons

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