Happy Leon Day!!!! What are in your plans?

Doesn’t it seem like EVERYTHING has to have a holiday? Well today is no exception. Today is Leon Day! Are you ready for it? How are you celebrating? Or maybe you are not celebrating, maybe you are doing acts of mourning? Or do you even know what I am talking about?

Leon….hum, well, it is really Noel spelled backwards. So today, June 25th is the six month anniversary of Christmas, or is it the marker of six months before Christmas? Either way, we have SIX MONTHS to get ready for Christmas. That seems easy, right? Not for me. I swear I am TERRIBLE at preparing for major holidays like this. Yes, I am the one with the kids on Christmas Eve shopping at the mall swearing I will NEVER do that again. And then it happens the next year.

So for this year, on Leon Day I am making a declaration! I will have ALL Christmas presents bought and all holiday plans made before December 1st. This will help our family focus on the true meaning of Christmas and will allow our lives to feel the spirit of Christmas and not the spirit of rushing and buying. I want to really focus on taking in the joy of Christmas the my children feel and allow us to enjoy moments throughout the season to discuss how God’s plan has forever been in the works for us.

I need help though! Can you give me suggestions on how to prepare early for the holidays? Any suggestions on ways to buy thoughtful and meaningful presents for our small family whom all live far away (mailable items)? How do you prepare for the holidays? What activities do you enjoy doing as a family?

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