Thinking about Love on Valentine’s Day!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How do you acknowledge and love on those around you for Valentine”s Day? Or do you think this is day is just for one’s significant other?

Why we are thinking about love on Valentine’s Day: From Wisemommies Beth: This year, I’m concentrating on my sweet husband! When my husband and I married and lived in Germany, we spent our first 3 years, not only getting to know one another but also having so much fun together. We are truly united as a great team and best friends. Along our journey, we have had and have made such great friends.

While living in Europe, we travelled all over and picked up a theme to coincide with our excitement and love. “Kissing Around the World”. Click here for our video.  (Sorry, video will be back up shortly) ‘Twas not my lips that you kissed but my soul.’ Through our video you will see our fun places travelled through Europe, some unreal pictures of Germany, where we lived, the great festivals that I miss dearly, as well as, Bavaria (the jewel of Germany), and more. “I don’t want you to give me the world; I want you to share it with me.” Our video is also special to us as it reminds us of the friends and family who supported our marriage and travelled with us at this time.

I know true love exists because of Ferdinand. To put that into words, I can only say that true love defies definition. For us, we knew right away that we were made for one another. Even though we dated long distance: Germany and Texas: our love only grew stronger day by day. For most, long distance relationships are not usually successful because they are like wind to fire; small ones are put out, but big ones are inflamed. With that said, I am constantly amazed at the Lord’s timing and HIS arranging of things. “I found the one my heart loves.”Song of Solomon 3:4

Mainz, Bavaria, and Germany is a gorgeous country/city to visit and live in and I will forever be grateful for my life there with Ferdinand. We pray now that our marriage continues to grow, be a great example, inspiration and tool in the Master’s hand to all around us. Where thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. Ruth 1:16



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