Helping to tell your twins apart

As the mom, or parent, or grandparent, you may think you won’t have any problems discerning between your multiples. However, you may be surprised just how similar they look or how easy it is to mix them up.

Take precautions to tell your multiples apart because the misidentification of a twin can have serious consequences such as:

Can have issues with their physical health. In our case, one of our boys had some health issues, and it is important that we watch and observe how he improves. Mixing our boys could interfere with special medical attention needed for the twin.
Emotionally, your twins need separate and unique identities, so being able to identify them individually is important.
In one of my twin books, the topic of keeping the identity of your twins separate is under the chapter of “staying organized.” I find that hilarious!! Before having my twins, several twin mom friends also gave me some good tips for being able to tell your twins apart.

Tips for helping you to tell them apart:

1) The nurses in our hospital marked their hats, A and B, so they could tell which one was Baby A and which was Baby B. This worked perfectly for us!
2) Having their hats labelled helped us to distinguish between the two babies. We always kept their hats on them or in their designated bassinet.
3) Start journaling in your baby books unique features or traits for each baby
4) Nail polish. Just paint one toe for each child with a certain color and write their name on that nail polish bottle so you don’t forget which color has been assigned to whom.
5) Fingerprinting right after birth is the most foolproof plan. Most hospitals will do this, keeping fingerprints on file, but if not, it is easy to get an inkpad (baby/child safe) and paper to do your own fingerprinting.
6) Keep their hospital bands on for some time until you can find other ways of telling them apart
7) Color code system: Starting at birth, many families of multiples like to use a color coding system from birth to teenage years. To do this, pick a color for each child, such as Bianca=purple, Olivia=yellow, and always accessorize, dress, and give belongings such as pacifiers, blankets, and toys using this color code. This can also make it easier on teachers in school.

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