Homeopathic and Natural Cures for Pneumonia

I had premature twins, I brought them home and a month later I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. My experience of getting over walking pneumonia, which I struggled with for nearly 2 months, while caring for premature twins, was something of an unreal nightmare/disaster. You really don’t realize how important your health is until you lose it or struggle with it. Wealth is health, and after having had walking pneumonia I have even more respect for asthma sufferers.

Pneumonia comes about when a sickness or illness reaches the lungs and an infection of the lung tissues causes a buildup of fluid and pus pockets. This all makes it very difficult to breathe. Lifting my twins or older toddler up and down caused me to be short of breathe and I felt like passing out. Even breastfeeding was difficult with the twins as I felt I couldn’t breathe most the time.

With breastfeeding newborn twins, I didn’t want to take antibiotics or take medicine that might decrease my milk supply. Through research, I had read that Fenugreek tea helps to detoxify one’s body and with walking pneumonia. This is a win-win situation for breastfeeding moms, because fenugreek helps to increase milk supply. Drinking the tea helped me detoxify my body and fight off my walking pneumonia while also increasing my milk supply. This post contains some affiliate links.

Sleep is one of the best treatments you can give yourself to cure walking pneumonia, but there is another homeopathic preventative that I believe in strongly. And let’s face it, as a mom of nursing newborn twins, sleep was not in my radar, so using homeopathic remedies was something I was open to. Pelargonium sidoides root is a homeopathic preventative which comes from a plant unique to South Africa. Brand names sold in the US and throughout Europe, could be named:  umcka, Umckaloabo, Kaloba, and Zucol. Clinical studies have shown that Umckaloabo reduces the duration and severity of cold symptoms such as congestion, cough, and headaches, also, nasal, throat, and bronchial irritations. My main problem with this product being sold in the US is that it is usually dyed with flavors (as so many medicines are); here is another one that seems to be dye free. In Germany they don’t add dye as far as I know or have seen.

I’ve loved the Umckaloabo from Germany which has helped me (and I feel has saved my life; or at least the quality of my life) but I haven’t really gotten the same success with the flavored Umcka sold in the US. The Nature’s Way brand is pretty good though. I’m grateful for my stocked supply of Umckaloabo via my German mother-in-law! Seriously, whenever I have a cold, I take this homeopathic medicine as soon as I feel that the cold is passing to my lungs. This feeling is a cough that moves from your throat to your chest or a feeling of heaviness and mucus buildup in your lungs.

I’ve had pneumonia several times in my life. When living in Ireland, I had it so bad, I was coughing blood. I also had it when living in Scotland, England and Germany; basically I had recurring pneumonia for 6 straight years. My family suffers from lung issues, though I’m not sure if this is related. During my lifetime, doctors would always give me antibiotics and send me on my way but I am so happy to know of this homeopathic remedy that makes me feel healthier.

I was educated to this homeopathic remedy in Germany. The local doctor who happened to be living in the attached flat to my husband’s house refused me antibiotics. Initially I was upset until I saw the long-term outcome. After having lived in Germany, I’ve gained a lot of respect to the culture of medicine and health care amongst Germans. They tend to be more preventative with homeopathic and natural remedies before taking antibiotics. I would like to add that I’m still a huge believer in taking antibiotics when they are truly needed and when homeopathic/natural remedies aren’t working.

Back to long-term: The German doctor said that my lungs needed repairing and that my cold was trying to go to my lungs so taking Umckaloabo beforehand could help my body repair and possibly prevent pneumonia or bronchitis. She was right!! These days, whenever I feel that I have a cold trying to settle in my lungs, I take Umckaloabo and within days I’m fine. Following the introduction of Umckaloabo from the German doctor, my annual pneumonia streak ended.

After the birth of my twins, and being 8 years pneumonia free, I found myself with a cold, and I realized I didn’t have my beloved Umckaloabo. Guess what, my cold developed into walking pneumonia. It didn’t help that I had 1 month old premature twins home from the hospital and I was greatly overwhelmed with not sleeping and trying to manage three boys two and under. I found the Umcka online and made a quick order, and once I was able to start the Umcka, I felt better and able to attend to my family. However, the pneumonia was already current so it took a lot longer for me to feel healthy again as opposed to if I had been able to take the Umcka or Umckaloabo before my cold had developed into pneumonia.

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Have you had experience with Pneumonia? Would love to hear from others who have used any homeopathic and natural cures for (walking) pneumonia.


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