How Ireland changed my Life!

It’s true, there are leprechauns with pots of gold at the end of rainbows in Ireland. I know because I found a pot of gold in Ireland. The day I moved to Ireland, was the day my life changed 360!

Ireland gifted me with a renewed spirit; a founding of security and self-confidence that had been lost somewhere during my high school days, a lifted soul as colorful as the amazing rainbows glowing amongst constant rain producing clouds and my destined path for life. Ireland changed my career goals, set the course of destiny which led me to my now husband, introduced me to what are some of my dearest friends to this day, educated me to the world outside of the US, and opened my mind to a whole new realm of possibilities, wonders, understanding and desires. It was in Ireland that I found a deepening in my faith.

I again started to read, live and understand the bible and what God’s plan was for my life. Ireland gave me back the power of prayer. I will forever be grateful to Ireland for the pot of gold gifted to me, a metaphor for my renewed spirit and faith as well as amazing memories!

When I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I sometimes get teary eyed or goose bumps when a familiar lyric is played, an Irish jig is danced, a funny joke is told, my path crosses an Irish lad/lassie, or I reread my travel journal.

Moving and living in Ireland forever changed me! Have you ever lived abroad? If so, how did it change you?

 Or, What’s been your biggest life changing event?

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