How to Appreciate NO Housework Day

Don’t you just love a good excuse to NOT do housework? Well here is a great one, today April 7, 2015, is No Housework Day. So kick up your heels or boots, and feel relieved to have a valid excuse to do NOTHING around the house but enjoy the day. I’m actually right in the middle of one of those ”I’m feeling overwhelmed” moments/days/weeks where the laundry is piled so high, I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Especially laundry seems to be my biggest consistent source of struggle. I even wrote two posts concerning laundry,To Love, Honor, and Launder, and How and Why to be Thankful for Laundry.
For No Housework Day, in order to bypass touching my massive pile of clothes, I’m throwing the kids in the car and heading off for a day outing and it feels especially good today because I don’t have to feel guilty about letting the mess in my house pile up even more!

My message to other moms today in honor of No Housework Day:
A wise mother realizes that there are seasons in her life. Sometimes the laundry, dishes, finances and more can become overwhelming. Well probably more like constantly overwhelming. And it is OK to overlook them and just enjoy the day.

My season is three young boys and a traveling husband:
Sometimes, I literally feel like I’m having small panic attacks when I look at everything on my plate. Sometimes I have to take a moment to cry and feel overwhelmed. Taking a moment to stop and think about what is most important in my life always helps to calm my storm. Writing and prayer also bring me peace. My boys are still so young and my time with them is truly precious. I have to constantly remind myself that this is more important and the housework can wait. I’ve had to get past being worried what my friends might think when they come over and see my house in disarray. I usually keep it pretty together but it seems to be the messiest right when company comes over. Never fails! I’ve had to get past being worried about being judged because spending time with my kids is more important to me than always having a pristine house. I know someday they will all be in school and I’ll have more time to stay ahead of housework, I think? Trying to stay wise by remembering that this is a season in my life helps me stay positive. I know my boys will always need me but that need will lessen over time which in itself is extremely sad. My season now is putting time with my boys first.
Beth's Poem 5
From one struggling mother to another:
I hope this post and today’s No Housework Day gives you a moment to think about the season of life you are currently living, a day to concentrate on your little joys in life instead of housework. I want to share encouragement from one constant struggling mother to another: May we all keep encouraging one another, sharing our good and bad days with listening ears, supporting and loving one another with empathic hearts, and reminding ourselves:

Tuesdays I try to post about multiples for TwinZone Tuesdays. Having twins does double up housework and stress twice as fast as having signletons. It’s also doubly hard to find that time for yourself, or to enjoy your twins singly or see that light at the end of the tunnel. We all have good days and bad days. Days we struggle and days we smoothly sail. I hope my no housework day brings a smile to your face today and encouragement.

Are you struggling? How do you balance life, work, children, housework, family….? What season are you living and how do you stay positive?

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3 thoughts on “How to Appreciate NO Housework Day”

  1. Great article & I adore your poem! I’m in the empty-nest season of my life (last 2 kids went off to college together) with a retired husband and ailing elderly mother. Always lots of balls to juggle throughout life, just different balls at different times.

  2. Dang, missed it! It’s ok; Mother’s Day is just around the corner (that’s my No Housework day!
    Don’t worry — your boys be big enough to do big chores soon! Then you’ll get your clean house and lots of fun, too!

    • Carissa, Cute response! Love it! Mother’s Day is my no housework day also, but everything still piles up. The No Housework Official Day just helped me to not feel so guilty, lol. I do so look forward to the day when my boys, like you said, will be able to do bigger chores!


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