How to choose the right baby carrier

 Choosing the proper carrier for your baby is not easy and you should consider some facts before spending your money.

Certain carriers can cause stress to your infant’s spine. While infant carriers offer you convenience, make sure to research into what might be in the best interest of the child’s health when choosing a carrier.

After my son was born I started off with the cuddly wrap to carry him around the house while preparing dinner or doing the dishes. I loved it. It was the most comfortable way, for me, at that time, to carry my son. Then when my son reached 16 pounds I began researching for a safe baby carrier. 

At that time, my sister had purchased and was using the Baby Björn (cheaper versions by Infantino and Evenflo), and my friend had the Manduca carrier. The Ergo is basically the same as the Manduca (German brand name). I had asked both for their honest opinion on the carriers and why they had chosen them. Additionally, I researched the web and went to stores to do my own comparison, by looking and trying carriers on. 

After considering all facts and opinions from other moms and pediatricians I decided to buy the Manduca carrier ( Ergo carrier ).

Here are my reasons why:

There is an ideal leg position which is described as the M-position or spread squat position.

It´s baby´s natural seating and carrying position and is therefore recommended by pediatricians and orthopedics. It means that baby´s knees are higher up than his bum and that his legs are gently spread to the sides. Bum and legs are forming an “M”. Your baby´s pelvis will slide to the front and the back will assume the age appropriate rounded C shape.

In the first few months the seating position of your baby is important, as the spine and pelvis are not yet fully developed.

A good carrier allows the baby to be carried in a seated position that does not strain the crotch or spine. This is not possible if the fabric in the baby´s crotch is too narrow or if the baby´s legs are in a dangling position, which can pinch off blood vessels and nerves. It should support the whole upper leg and reach from knee to knee.

Have you noticed, baby´s automatically assume this position when lifted up, because it´s also ideal for being carried on moms hip.


Even if you don´t feel this is a valid concern, doesn´t it just make sense that being seated on your bum would be more comfortable than hanging by your crotch?

Secondly, with many other carriers you have to buy a special insert for newborns or you may even have to purchase two different carriers altogether. The Manduca is different. It has an integrated insert that allows your baby to sit in the carrier starting with 7.7 lbs.



Even though I preferred to carry my son in front, loving the extra cuddle time and closeness, the Manduca carrier can also be used on your back. This is a great optimizing feature. 

The Manduca carrier can not be used for forward facing, that´s why it has the back feature, it´s safer for the baby and better for your back.

A forward facing carrier can throw off mom´s center of gravity. Also, forward facing can lead to over stimulation for a baby that has no way to turn away from all the “outside” action and is not getting comfort from mom. This position also provides no head support for your baby.


In my opinion, the Ergo carrier is a worthy investment for you and your child. I hope my research and personal opinion helps others in finding their perfect carrier.





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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I was given a bjorn, not a fan! I borrowed an Ergo for a week and fell in love. So saving my pennies for one. I love that it has a wide weight range so you can get your moneys worth with just one child.
    Keep up the great post A&B!


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