How to Clean Stuffed Animals?

My son loves his stuffed animals, and he has so many. Since you aren’t supposed to put them in the washing machine or dryer, and I don’t want to spray them down with chemicals such as Lysol. What is another way to kill some germs and dust mites growing on those lovelies? Want to remove those allergens and dust mites from stuffed animals?

Freeze Them Out: To lessen allergies, every couple of months, I stick stuffed animals into a plastic, ziploc or freezer bag of some sort and put them into the freezer for 48hours.

For dust mites to live and multiply, they need an ideal temperature. If you create an inhabitable environment either via freezing cold or hot sun exposure, you will kill dust mites. Therefore, if you live in an extremely cold environment, where temperatures are below freezing, stick the stuffed animals in the garage or car overnight. Or, like me, if you live in Texas, during the summer months, you can stick toys, stuffed animals, bed sheets, just about anything outside to be zapped by the extreme heat and sun to kill dust mites within hours. During the winter months, I use the freezer trick.

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