How to make a mom feel young and special

 The best thing happened to me last night. Since the birth of my premature twins, I’ve been on house arrest. Well, my far-flung brother is in town visiting for Thanksgiving, and we had a 3 hour outing to the local mall, rare time all to ourselves. But that isn’t the coolest thing yet! We both got the most delicious caramel frappes to savour while enjoying casual sibling time for talking. Nope, not the coolest thing yet.


In Urban Outfitters, as I was waiting to pay the cashier for my purchase of two small toys for my son’s advent calendar, the cashier asks if I happen to have my student ID on me for a temporary holiday discount… Ok, that was the coolest, bestest, greatest, awesomest thing that happened to me last night!!!

I mean, mouth gaping open, staring in shock, wanting to grab the cashier, pull him across the counter to hug and kiss the guy, for asking for my student ID– I couldn’t believe this guy thinks I’m a student.


I’m the furthest thing away from being a young and vibrant student. I’m a mom, I mean a mom of mommiest possible times mom; its just been 1 ½ months since I’ve stepped foot outside of my home; post crazy emergency C section; 3 kids under 3 at home, 2 of which poop and spit up on me every 3 hours; I’m, well let’s just say not in my 20’s anymore, heck barely in my 30’s anymore; hadn’t washed my hair in more than a day; I wasn’t even wearing a matching outfit.


My brother’s take on retelling the story had my mom and husband in tears of laughter. By his take, I stood staring at the cashier for an awkward amount of time, mouth open, eyes big, much longer than I remember. And the fact that I flipped back and forth through my wallet numerous times looking for my student ID, totally non-existent, really cracked him up.


Why was I looking through my wallet for a non-existenting ID, making the cashier and all 40+ Black Friday day patrons wait patiently in line as I played the part of briefly pretending to be a student? Well, I wanted to exist in that moment as long as possible. And it was AWESOME!!!

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