How to make co-sleeping safer

To follow-up with our previous post; Several of us, WiseMommies, have co-slept and this post is to help educate others on how to make co-sleeping safer. We used co-sleeping products to expand our adult bed until our babies outgrew them and used co-sleeping safety practiced worldwide.

I support co-sleeping. Please note: the understanding of co-sleeping differs from the US and other countries.
Co-sleeping is sharing a room with an infant, toddler, or child.
Bed-sharing is co-bed-sleeping and infant, toddler or child is sleeping in a family bed.
Room-sharing is a situation in which babies and young children sleep close to one or both parents, as opposed to sleeping apart from parents in a separate room.
Unfortunately, so many assume and judge when they hear of a family co-sleeping. Many don’t realize that the family might be room-sharing which prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by 50%!
If bed-sharing, there are safe ways to co-bed-sleep which has also been linked to reducing SIDS. This post is to enlighten the ways in which to safely co-sleep and help show support to those families still wanting to co-sleep.

How to make co-sleeping safer:

1) Do not use heavy bedding: blankets, duvets, pillows
2) Do not let your baby sleep near crevices
3) Do not leave your baby unattended alone on an adult bed
4) Parents should not lie next to a child if they are intoxicated with drugs, alcohol, extreme parental fatigue, or struggling with obesity
5) Do not smoke
6) Do not let a newborn sleep next to a sibling or pet
7) Do not co-sleep on sofas or recliners
8) Be aware of just how tired you are…extreme exhaustion=extreme caution
9) Both parents should be committed to co-sleeping in order to truly be safe
10) Safest place is usually between a breastfeeding mother and wall or bedrail
11) Consider lowering your bed or putting the mattress on the floor
12) Use connecting co-sleepers to the adult bed (these can be handmade or bought)
13) Think twice before sleeping with more than one child

5 Co-sleeping Products That I Love: 

1) The All in One Baby Lounger, Portable Crib and Bassinet – Perfect for Co-Sleeping – Breathable & Hypoallergenic – Suitable for 0-8 months and  Snuggle Me Organic 100% Pure-Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion (organic cotton fill). I loved using these products for my newborn twins. It was easy for me to move these portable cushions around to other rooms and watch them nap while playing or reading to my two-year-old. And later these cushions were great for tummy time.
2) Snuggle Me Organic | Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion
3) Magic Bumpers Child Toddler Bed Safety Guard Rail 42 Inch – Full Size, One Piece Design I used this when co-sleeping/breastfeeding my infants starting with 4 months of age. I then used these safety guards in their beds preschool-elementary age.
4) There are several Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper for babies for co-bed-sleeping. These were my favorite for night time co-bed-sleeping.
5) These co-sleeper beds are what many Europeans use for co-sleeping.

Photo credit: Hugo Nidáguila via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA Make Co-sleeping Safer
Make Co-sleeping Safer! For those parents who do want to co-sleep, they should not be “scared”, manipulated, judged and ashamed from doing so. Photo credit: Hugo Nidáguila via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Crib Death now called SIDS:
For those parents who do want to co-bed-sleep, they should not be “scared”, manipulated, judged and ashamed from doing so. However, they should educate themselves on how to safely co-sleep if their environment allows it.

On a random side note: the word SIDS used to be called “crib death” until the Crib industry fought to have that changed. Once the name was changed; interesting how many ads and anti-co sleeping propaganda started coming out profiting the crib industry.

In the end, co-bed-sleeping should not be taken lightly. It can be as dangerous as letting your child sleep in the crib with bumper pads, blankets, or stuffed animals. Every parent should think twice before co-bed-sleeping, taking necessary precautions.

My husband and I safely co-slept (room-sharing and then bed-sharing) with my singleton and twins and will never regret that decision!

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Are you a co-sleeping family or thinking of co-sleeping? If so, how have you safely co-slept?

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