How to Make Easter Egg Ornaments

 In Germany and Austria, it’s customary to celebrate Easter by hanging decorated Easter eggs from the branches of trees or bushes. The picture, left, is from Saalfeld, Germany (Deutschland), and holds 10,000 decorated Easter Eggs.


While living in Germany, my German mother-in-law Easter Egg_Tree_Copy_Copyused to give us handmade Easter Egg ornaments and an “Easter Tree” to decorate with during Easter (see picture right). I love this tradition of making Easter egg ornaments which you can keep for years to come.


This year, we started letting our son make Egg ornaments. Every year we will let him make more adding to his collection. We will hang some from a tree just outside our kitchen window, and the others to hang inside on an Egg Tree (designated small indoor bush/tree or tree limb cut for Easter).

 DSC01781 Copy_Copy_Copy

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    1. Wash the outside of eggs with soap and waterDSC01860 Copy
    2. Gently poke a hole at the top and bottom of each egg with a small kitchen utensil.
    3. Empty contents of the raw egg, without damaging the shell, by blowing through one end. Blow out the insides. You can do this by blowing yourself or using an egg blower (found at craft stores) or a with a rubber ear-and-nose syringe. It might also help to insert a long pin through one of the holes to pierce the yolk.
    4. Wash again with soap and water. Allow egg shells to dry wellDSC01862 Copy
    5. Put eggs through a thin stick of some sort. We used wooden sticks with Styrofoam to hold the egg in place. Use the egg carton or a big Styrofoam piece to place the wooden sticks with eggs, after decorating, allowing eggs to dry.
    6. Decorate eggs via stickers, paint, markers, glitter, glue on: ribbons, sequins, feathers
    7. Take a match, break in half, tie a ribbon or fish line to the match and tie at the top so you have a strong secure loop. Place the match inside the egg to hold the egg up and the tied loop allows you to hang the ornament.DSC01869 Copy_Copy_Copy
    8. Depending on how fancy you have made the eggs, you can always protect the ornaments by adding an acrylic sealer or spray lacquer.

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