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It can be tricky to convince kids that hygiene is important. Kids think in the “now”, so a cavity several months, or years, down the road won’t mean anything to them. There are ways to help kids take responsibility for routine cleaning, such as teeth, hair, nails and hands.
To start, try explaining the importance of good grooming in ways little kids can understand. Instead of warning them about cavities, tell them they need to get the “sugar bugs” off their teeth. It also helps to give toddlers some responsibility. Let them pick out their own toothbrush from choices you make. Or let your child test the water temperature while you fill the bathtub.
Try to make hygiene as fun as possible. If the bathtub becomes a battle for your child, pretend that the tub is a boat sailing with “Nemo” for example.
If washing your child’s hair becomes unmanageable, tell your child, that you are not just washing his hair, you are turning him into a unicorn.
Making a game out of it, teaches toddlers it´s not so bad and that they can do it.

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