Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame






















Materials used:

  • 4 Ice cream sticks
  • Crayons for coloring
  • Any Picture, size 8 x 8 cm (I prepare this for my son)
  • Decorative items (we used stickers)
  • Photo tape to attach the ice cream sticks and picture

An ice cream stick photo frame is an easy craft to do with young kids which they can use as a great Father´s Day gift. It´s also nice to use in their rooms to frame and hang pictures.



Color ice cream sticks with crayons in any color you like or just use 4 different colors. Lay down 2 sticks vertical and parallel to each other, attach one stick horizontally on the top and one stick horizontally towards the bottom of the set of vertical sticks. Stick them together with photo tape.




Now decorate your frame as desired, my son decided to use his favorite stickers. At last, simply attach the chosen picture to the back of the ice cream stick frame with the photo tape. You are done:)

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