International Women’s Day, March 8

 Every year, a Romanian friend of mine, Laura, organizes a meetup in honor of International Women’s Day, IWD, which is celebrated on March 8. Last year, there were women from Romania, Poland, Estonia, Mexico, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Miss wisemommies (representing for the US womenJ ) I had so much fun!! It is wonderful to have a GNO with women from all over the world to celebrate IWD.


This year the 2012 Theme, established by the IWD website is: CONNECTING GIRLS, INSPIRING FUTURES  “If every International Women’s Day event held in 2012 includes girls in some way, then thousands of minds will be inspired globally.” However, many organizations, governments, charities and women’s groups develop their own themes sometimes more specific to their local cause or contexts.

For more information on IWD:

1)      IWD: events, news, resources and history

2)      IWD: history, summits, organizations, and ways to participate   


Another event happening, locally, for all international women:


Celebrating Women in Dallas and around the World: Words of Women International Essay Contest Awards Ceremony; Cultural Exhibits, Speakers, Music and Entertainment; Fun, Food, & Conversation

Date & Time: 10 March 2012 4.00 to 9.00

Venue: White Rock Lake Bath House Cultural Center 521 E. Lawther Drive Dallas, Dallas, Texas, 75218

Organization: Women’s Communities Association: WCA creating a better world for women through women helping women. Every Woman Empowered. For more info, click here.


Laura, I love that you organize a meetup for us international women every year. Thank you!

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