It takes a village of chefs

Before going into the hospital, I had a friend, Kylie, come over and cook up 3 huge freezer meals. So wonderful to have those meals prepared for my family, and I loved spending the day hanging out with her and talking. As soon as I was home from the hospital, Kylie also dropped off a baby swing and another meal. Being the only chef of the house for 4 people, (6 if you count the twins) I was utterly grateful to have prepared meals to come home to after being released from the hospital. kylie food_Copy

She also set up a carecalendar for my family. If you aren’t familiar with a carecalendar, click here to see an example. This is just about the greatest gift ever. A carecalendar is sent out to all your friends/family. Sadly, we only have 1 family member nearby that can help us so our friends have been a HUGE blessing! 

A carecalendar allows loved ones to sign up for certain days, to bring you food. Not only is it a welcome blessing to see the loving faces, smiles, and warm wishes given from friends stopping by, but it is also a GREAT gift to have friends bring food. For me, that is so huge! Honestly, being able to just recover and tend to my children, and not have to worry about cooking up for 4+ people, is such a gift. Thank you Kylie! And thanks to all our friends who have signed up on the carecalendar and brought food!!


Have you ever set up a calendar to help feed and support a family in need?

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