It takes a village

 “It takes a village” is a phrase I’ve heard daily since the day I started telling people I was pregnant with twins. The reality of this concept hit me while recovering in the hospital from my emergency C-section. My mom called to inform me that two of our friends, Judy & Jennifer, so close we really call them family, sisters actually, were over at our house preparing the nursery. You see, I hadn’t a nursery prepared. As a matter of fact, all bassinets, swings, gliders, you name it were still covered in bags and needed washing. The nursery was more like a storage room filled with clothes from my first child, that he had outgrown, and furniture that needed to be put together. I didn’t have diapers for my newborns and all my toddler’s clothes and toys were mixed with newborn items.


Well, after Judy & Jennifer, got finished rearranging my nursery, I felt like someone off of a home remodel show that comes home to a complete remodel/makeover of their home. I didn’t recognize my nursery. I could not only walk through it, but it was set up so sweetly, with everything out and organized, ready to be used and enjoyed. My toddler’s closet also had some new shelving with his clothes and toys rearranged and organized. My nursery was not only a comfort to come home to, but a release of stress to not have to do all the cleaning and organizing myself after coming home from the hospital. I wish I had a before and after picture to show what an amazing job they did! Words can not truly describe their hard work/labor of love.


It was a true gift from two very thoughtful and loving women. Thank you Judy & Jennifer. You really gifted me with your time, thoughtfulness, and organization. Our family is and will be enjoying! I think of the two of you every time I go into the nursery or put my toddler’s clothes away in the elf shelf.

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