Kitchen Table for Toddlers & Children

 I think it is nice for all children to have their own “place” for playing, eating, or creating in the kitchen. If you are like me, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, pre-cooking, sorting mail, and cleaning. As a child, my brother and I had our own “place” in the kitchen via our own table and chairs. I wanted the same for my son.





At 16 months of age, we got our son his own kitchen table. They are easy to find in just about any store that sells products for children. You can see that ours is just a simple white table. My son and his playmates love to eat, color, and play at this table.

felix _thor_kitchen_table

felix _thor_kitchen_table_3










In this picture, to the below right, you can see, I put the table against the window thinking my son would enjoy the view from there. However, around 19 months of age, he decided different. One day he just started moving his table and chairs around the kitchen. He would move then sit, move then sit.

ethan _thor_kitchen_table

brook _thor_at_kitchen_table











I finally realized that he had decided to find a better spot in the kitchen for his table and chairs. This independence and thought process was quite a surprise, funny, and entertaining to watch. He finally chose a spot at the end of the bar island, above left, and to this day he has kept it there.

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