Leaving a hospital without your newborn baby

One of the hardest days of my life:  The day they checked me out of the hospital, my husband and I had to pack up and leave going home empty handed. We had to leave our twin babies in the NICU. My crying was uncontrollable. It was truly heart wrenching! I spent every hour possible, singing and feeding my babies. Sadly, our boys needed some light therapy and so we couldn’t hold them unless it was to feed them.

When we had to leave, discharge finished, two men brought a cart up to load up all our belongings and take us down to the car. They brought a wheelchair for me, I told them I didn’t need the wheelchair, as I’d been marathon walking for days already. Then one of the men asked, “so like where is your baby, aren’t you supposed to have a baby?” I totally lost it and broke down crying again. The men pushed the cart down the hall, down the elevator and to our car not saying another word. It was very awkward. They probably thought I had lost my baby. In truth, I did feel like I had lost my baby, TWO babies! Going home from a hospital, leaving a hospital without your newborn baby, after delivering a baby(s) is something no mother should ever have to do. It’s heart-wrenching!


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