Leg cramps during pregnancy

With my last pregnancy, I experienced several nights of sudden, sharp, painful cramping in my calf muscles and feet. It always happened during the night, waking me up from a peaceful night of sleep.

The picture of me, left, is at only 30 weeks, taken after a painting class. I’m huge!! I stayed active during my pregnancy which helped a lot with my leg cramps.

Avoiding cramps

(Do the following before bedtime

as well as a few times during the day)

(The below are also great tips for people who fly a lot)

  1. regular exercises which can improve your circulation
  2. bend and stretch your foot up and down 30 times
  3. rotate each foot 10x in one way 10x in the other way
  4. face & stand 2-3 feet away from a wall, lean forward with arms outstretched to touch the wall but keep your feet flat on the floor, hold for 10 seconds, release, repeat
  5. try a warm bath, before bedtime, to relax your muscles or apply a hot water bottle

Natural Remedies

    1. drink pickle juice
    2. eat extra bananas
    3. eat foods high in magnesium

In the midst of a cramp, how to ease the pain/cramp

    1. straighten your leg, pull your toes up towards your ankle so that your toes are lifted towards your shin (front of lower leg)
    2. start rubbing the cramping muscle, hard and vigorously
    3. try walking around on your heels 



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