Lessen Allergies this Fall and Winter

We all know Spring cleaning but how about some Fall cleaning? Flu and cold season are coming so how about some Fall cleaning to reduce some allergy-triggering problems. The following is an easy and super simple tip.
Replace your pillows
Every 2 years, you should replace your pillows. We use zipper protectors under our pillowcases, doubling the life of our pillows, by reducing allergy-triggering dust mites.
Did you know that within 2 years your pillow has gained a 3rd of its weight from:
1)      dead skin cells
2)      dust mites
3)      bug droppings
4)      skittering live mites
5)      hair and body oils
6)      1 mite = 20+/- faecal pellets a day
All that lovely that has soaked into your pillow is now a breeding ground for bacteria and allergy sufferage awaits you.
This infestation can cause allergic reactions as well as other problems such as:
1)      pink eye
2)      respiratory problems
3)      asthma
4)      rhinitis 
I sleep better knowing my boys are sleeping healthier!
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