Lunch & Learn: How to Opera House with Kids, Dallas

Introducing your child to the theater can be intimidating. Lunch & Learn: How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas: I recently took my boys to the Lunch & Learn program at Winspear Opera House located in the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Downtown Dallas. Have you heard about their Lunch & Learn program? If you haven’t, read further to find out more about this delicious program offered for families, teachers, and students as well as my short review of the Broadway musical sensation that we attended.

Lunch & Learn: How to Opera House with Kids
Lunch & Learn with my three boys

Lunch & Learn: How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas at the AT&T Performing Arts Center
If you live in the DFW area, you must attend at least one Lunch & Learn Program. Please also share this program with local schools and communities. A Lunch & Learn Program is delicious not only because lunch is included but because of the opportunity which usually includes all of the following:
1) A ticket to the show
2) Crafts and activities before and after the show in the foyer
3) Moderated talk-back with the cast and crew of that performing show
4) Lunch
5) Educational materials (see more info below)

Glynis Brault, the Director of Education and Community Engagement, for Winspear Opera House, believes strongly “that every child should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the performing arts.”

Looking down into the orchestra pit at Winspear Opera House
Looking down into the orchestra pit for Lunch & Learn : How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas

The following list shows what contents are usually covered in the educational materials given to those who attend the Lunch & Learn: How to Opera with Kids in Dallas. Each content has activities and discussion sections as well. The educational materials can be downloaded and printed at home as well, but the TEKS-aligned classroom materials are designed to supplement the education programming, and to help turn opera into a learning opportunity for children and students. As a homeschooling mom and as a teacher, I LOVE the lesson plans included!!
1) Information about the Book
2) Biography of the Author
3) The Making of an Animated Classic
4) Bringing the Story to Life
5) How to Watch a Show
6) After Seeing the Show
7) Lesson Plans for the Classroom
a) Point of View
b) Creating Your Own Poetry
c) Political Cartoons

For more information about the Lunch & Learn programs: Winspear Opera House 2403 Flora Street Dallas, TX 75201. Call 214.978.2879 Email: or  The Margot & Bill Winspear Opera House is the AT&T’s largest performance space. This traditional “horseshoe” shaped opera house seats 2,200 audience members and was engineered specifically for performances of opera and theatre.

2018 Lunch & Learn Information:

July 11th will be the next Lunch & Learn.
These discounted tickets for $20-$25 include admission to the show, admission to the moderated talk-back with the cast and crew, and educational material. The same tickets with lunch included are $35. The campus is open and attendees are welcome to also bring a lunch or partake in the food trucks right outside the building. Tickets for this event can be purchased now by email, or online beginning May 4th.

Lunch & Learn for A Christmas Story will be December 13th.
Click here for information about summer programs and afterschool programs. 

Booster Seats
For the younger children, be sure to request a booster seat from an usher. The boosters helped my boys to not miss a moment of stage entertainment.

Have you been to a Lunch & Learn at Winspear Opera House?

British actor Sir Richard Eyre explained the importance of art this way, “Change begins with understanding, and understanding begins by identifying oneself with another person: in a word, empathy. The arts enable us to put ourselves in the minds, eyes, ears, and hearts of other human beings.

Lunch & Learn : How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas

A Review of the Lunch & Learn that We Attended: How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
The Musical Lunch & Learn program that we attended was How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There are still a few remaining shows on the Grinch schedule. If you would like to see the show, WiseMommies readers can use the promo code HEART to receive discounted tickets plus waived fees. Click here for tickets!
This is a sponsored post to help support the arts and awareness of the Lunch & Learn program. Thank you for supporting!

A good musical should entertain and affect you emotionally, and this musical had both components! The Grinch musical is 90 minutes which is perfect, not too long, for the younger or older children and adults don’t have to face the intermission concession stand demands.

Within that 90 minutes, the well-known book is quoted, acted, sung and played out perfectly drawing in the young and old into the story. The visuals from the sets to the costumes draw you straight into Seussville. The show is so colorful that you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a Leonid Afremov painting. I’m not sure who enjoyed this musical the most, my three young boys or myself?

Lunch & Learn : How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas
Moderated Talk-Back with the Cast and Crew for Lunch & Learn : How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas

Moderated Talk-Back with the Cast and Crew

It’s easy to see why this musical has had such theatrical success. The talent and quality of the performers is outstanding. After the performance ended, we got to enjoy a moderated talk-back with the cast and crew. This let us observe the level of this cast’s talent ongoing. I thoroughly enjoyed the well thought out questions from attending children and adults in the audience as well as the spontaneous and often funny answers or comebacks of the cast members. Questions asked can be anything from the content of the book and musical to life in the performing arts.

Creativity and curiosity are encouraged at a Lunch & Learn Program! Lunch & Learn: How to Opera House with Kids in Dallas is an easy and fun way to introduce children to theater.

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  1. I never knew about this or even the Facility and I can’t wait to check it out as I want to attend a Christmas Show. Because like you I am homeschooling my son and it would be a nice Field Trip to take my son on.


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