Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Free Admission

This seems like a WAY FUN birthday coupon to use. I LOVE to get free goodies such as makeup, clothes, and dinner just because it is your birthday. Therefore, I’m always looking for the best coupons and sign-ups to receive free goodies for birthdays for all my family members. I continuously try to share those free discounts and coupons via posts on this blog as well. I want to share that love with our readers…

So, if a FREE admission to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament sounds good;  Click here to sign up for the King’s Court and receive that FREE admission for your birthday. I just found out about this coupon last year, so I haven’t had the opportunity to use mine yet. Several of my friends have used their birthday coupons and went as a date night with their hubby or with hubby and their children. I have heard nothing but great reviews from my friends as to celebrating their birthday at Medieval Times. I even had a college roommate, and still close friend, who worked as a wench, at medieval times, and she would always tell me how much fun that place was for eating dinner while being highly entertained. Something very different!

You can even upgrade your birthday package to include a behind the scenes DVD, commemorative program, preferred seating in 2nd or 3rd row, framed group photo, knights cheering banner, and a personalized announcement during the show.

I’m hoping to use my birthday coupon this year, or next, along with my husband, and maybe even take our toddler? I think our twins are still too young. Since I’ve never been to Medieval Times, I would love to hear from others who have been and or have used a birthday, or other, coupon. How old, would you say, should a child be to attend? Is my 4 yr old too young? Do you think this place makes for a fun date night?



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    • Let me know if you try it and how it goes. I think it would be fun. Different is always fun to try… Do they have this in NC?


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