MoMe Yogis – Fun for Baby, Joy for Mom

MoMe Yogis is an exciting and interactive yoga practice for moms and babies. Short for “Mommy” and “Me,” this new yoga program incorporates babies into the workout by using them as “weights.” Moms enjoy a postnatal workout without having to check their babies into childcare or leave them at home with a babysitter. Babies enjoy group play time with nursery rhymes sung by Moms while holding yoga poses. Babies 2 months and up welcome!
We Yogis welcomes “Wisemommies” to try MoMe Yogis THIS FRIDAY May 16th @ 11:15am! Come and receive a 10% discount for a 10-class pack (normally $150). Add this class as a highlight of your summer! We Yogis is located at 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75209. Call 214.351.1229 with questions or visit MoMe Yogis – Fun for Baby, Joy for Mom

MoMe Yoga at 6 months and 9 months of age at We Yogis

My personal experience

I’ve been attending We Yogis for over a year now. My twins were 6 months old when we started attending, and I would have started them earlier, but We Yogis had just opened. Now my twins are 1 ½ years old, and we still attend every class.

If I could convince moms to take the time to do something for them, while also bonding with their babies and infants, it would be to join this MoMe class. This class has helped in flattening my stomach, while also strengthening my pelvic floor, post-birth, and from someone who never did yoga pre-children, I’m a huge believer in it now.

Socializing and making friends

Every Friday, I so looked forward to my yoga day. It is precious time that I get to share bonding with my babies, but it is also my source of restoration week-to-week…physically aligning me after carrying around the twins all week and mentally stablizing. I also see how much my babies (now toddlers) enjoy what is also a music and socialization class for them.

The location

From the Lake Highlands area, it takes me 15 minutes to drive to We Yogis. However, I actually take my time, drive through get a cup of coffee and enjoy this time talking to my toddler in the car while my twins take their morning nap. I play Beethoven every trip, and it is such a pre-yoga relaxing moment. It took about three weeks to get into this routine, but now the twins know that it is Friday, they take a nap on the way to yoga and are happy when they wake.

Now, my toddler even gets upset if we miss yoga because he enjoys the childcare that much and our Friday outing with his brothers. For a long time, I would even go early to make sure I had enough time to breastfeed the twins right before class started. Or I would even go into the childcare area and breastfeed while my toddler settled in to playing. I cannot stress enough how family friendly this place is, and if you are like me and have an older child, they have the best childcare. I love the We Yogis facility and environment.

I hope you join me this Friday to take advantage of the “wisemommies” discount that We Yogis in extending out to our readers and followers. See you there!

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