Motherhood: Embracing Love

This is another beautiful post from our guest blogger and friend, Oriana, as she once again opens up and shares from her heart.

We are in a new era where people are in constant search for answers to their many doubts and concerns. It seems like everyone has joined a massive social club where it is acceptable to give and receive advice on many personal, and not so personal, subjects. Social media also has a great impact on almost every aspect of our lives, and of course, motherhood is not the exception.

From advice on how to dress your child to tips on getting rid of the much dreaded stretch marks, this world is overloaded with tons of all kinds of information. All the facts found and heard can sometimes be overwhelming. Often, I wonder: How did my mother manage to raise FOUR children without having google or Wikipedia to research random questions and ailments? Seriously, how in the world did she manage to survive all the pressure from other mommies (and society in general) and the never-ending-competition to win the ¨Best Mom Award¨?

Well, her answer was shocking yet very simple. My mom focused herself on being a mother. She ignored what others had to say, unless it was really good advice that would make her busy life easier, or at least attempt to. Instead, she took in every single minute of motherhood and experienced it at what I call a higher level. My mom quickly learned to identify what was valuable for her and her kids, like having a clean house vs. playing with her daughters or not spending lots of money on clothes for four girls when she could sew the most gorgeous, sassiest dresses ever. I mean sassy, and headbands, HUGE bows and even hats with lace and stones. She did things different. She kind of broke the family pattern and did things she would have never imagined she could do.

My mom soon realized that motherhood was about embracing IT and it´s many aspects. Embracing her kids, their different personalities, their different perception of colors and shapes. She understood that becoming a mother was about embracing change, and all the unexpected things that come with it. Being OK with things she wouldn`t be OK with before, regardless of what society would determine as acceptable or not, only because this time they felt right.

After doing my homework and learning from the best (that is my mom, in case you are wondering!), I realized it was my time to embrace. I decided to ignore the noise in the background and block out any negativity coming from other peers. I started to ¨enjoy¨ the sleepless nights and having to change 10,000,000 diapers a day. I learned to love my body regardless of how big or small things had gotten (can my butt get any bigger?! or think about shrinking boobs!). I decided to embrace myself and the fact that I am a miraculous child, capable of creating life.

So hey! Today, dress your child in that weird outfit that you like so much, ignore (with a smile) that advice from grandma that you believe doesn’t fit your parenting style…It’s OK. We are all learning in this rocky yet-can’t-get-enough path of adventures and marvelous discoveries. Embrace the magic moments, the smiles, the tears….embrace the failures, the mistakes, the accomplishments….EMBRACE the LOVE you have discovered and that is here to stay with you for life…..

Another wonderful guest post from Oriana; Born and raised in Venezuela, she is a full-time working mother, loving wife and friend to many.
Another wonderful guest post from Oriana; Born and raised in Venezuela, she is a full-time working mother, loving wife and friend to many.

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