Motherly Instinct

maternal instinct is an inborn tendency to want to protect and nurture one’s offspring”  Elyse Rubenstein

In our society the instinctive qualities of a mother are often overlooked or thought of as excessive worry or paranoia. How many times have I gone to the doctor with my son, knowing that something was wrong even though no symptoms were showing and therefore we were sent home. 

I will never forget when my son got bitten by a spider and everyone kept telling me that it was probably just a mosquito bite. We had just moved to Texas when that happened and not being familiar with all the dangerous bugs around, I was unable to accept the mosquito theory. I kept researching and doing phone calls to my son´s pediatrician’s nurse all day, and her quick diagnosis was “ it´s probably a tick bite “. However, my motherly instinct was telling me that it was a spider bite. Nevertheless, we got an appointment for the next day. As soon as the doctor saw my son´s arm, he agreed with my instinctual diagnosis. I am thankful that I listened to my instinct and didn’t wait to see a doctor. My son needed antibiotics to prevent any brain damage from the poison of the spider. I don´t even want to think what could have happened if we had waited to start antibiotics. 

(here is a picture of that bite) Sorry when we moved our site this picture was lost!

Sometimes, It´s really hard to believe in your motherly instinct when people keep telling you differently or that you are wrong with your feelings. I want to encourage all moms to please, please listen to that little voice, which is your motherly instinct, telling you that something is wrong with your little ones. The older your baby gets, and the more you get to know him or her, the more confident and comfortable you will become as a mother. I think like any relationship, this one takes time to grow.




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