National Women’s Health Week May 13-19 2015

What does Women’s Health mean to you or a loved one? Being a mom, I’ve realized how hard it had been for my single mom to take care of herself physically and mentally while also caring for two children. I’ve also realized how much pregnancy and childbirth has taken a toll on my own mental and physical well-being. Thanks to the influence of other moms in several of my local community groups, I’ve started to focus on self-health care. Already, with my health improving I have more energy, more patience and feel happier, all of which is reflected back to my boys as I care for them.

How can you care and show love and support for a woman in your life? May 13-19, 2015 is National Women’s Health Week. This provides a great time to reflect and ask some questions. Are the women in your life taking care of themselves? Are you a woman who is taking care of herself?

To help support the women in your life, this week, take a challenge, either personally or to another woman:
1) Have you had an annual physical?
2) Get a FitBit and join some Fitbit groups.
3) Have you had or need a mammography?
4) Do you have a good General Physician to care for them?
5) Encourage a loved one to join you for yoga or spin class.
6) Offer a lunch or coffee date to a girlfriend: talking and maintaining those friendships can help manage stress
7) Tell a woman in your life what they mean to you, why they are special and that you love them.

1) Get on the map by taking the National Women’s Health Week Pledge. I did it!!
2) Encourage some other moms to an early morning stroller mall or lake walk, invite a neighbor to stroll the block with you, or coordinate a lunchtime walk with co-workers if stuck in the office.
3) You could also host a healthy potluck lunch at the office.
4) Share some healthy family friendly recipes with others.

Preventative Screening is extremely important for health care. Talk to the women in your life about their health and preventative measures. For National Women’s Health Week, make an effort to do one of the above listed for making sure the women in your life are supported. Click here for more information about women’s health.

My current quest was getting my hormones balanced which is finally starting to happen, and I finally took the time to find a good general doctor, get a physical exam and take some needed tests. It really feels good to work on regulating one’s health especially when everything from hormones to sleep are balanced again. My other quest was getting my mother to join our family in attending a gym for yoga classes and simple weight lifting. Well, the night before mother’s day, my mom told me she would start going to the gym with me. How can you care and show love and support for a woman in your life?

What challenge will you take on for National Women’s Health Week?

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