Organizing for Twins

I love over the door shoe holders. They are so great for helping to organize your home:
* crafts
* cleaning products in laundry room
* socks
* toys such as legos or plastic animals
* batteries, flashlights, string in a utility closet
* electronics
* shoes

For the birth, and baby stage, of my twins, I have been using two of these. I put day outfits at the top and nightgowns at the bottom. On my other over the door shoe holder, I put onesies, for everything, washcloths, socks and shoes. After washing the clothes, I can easily sort the clothes, see what I have, and I’m able to gain quick access to outfits without having to think much. With clothes in a drawer or hanging in a closet, you have to take the time to sort through to find the outfits needed.

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4 thoughts on “Organizing for Twins”

  1. I know, aren’t they the best!!! I love the extra ideas you have. Will add those to my home. I use mine to organize all our winter accessories (hats, mittens, scarves, etc.)

  2. I think they’re the best too. I’m looking for an all fabric one to use in the garden to plant lettuce in. We have such a small area so anything grown on the wall is ideal.


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