5 thoughts on “Parentville”

  1. Feelin’ like your song is stuck in my head
    Singing it over and over again
    What a great parody you are so clever
    But I know you must be a fun mom
    Thank you wisemommies! Wastin’ away in Parentville

  2. I will never think of this song the same way again! I’m already memorizing the words! Hubby and I love to do stuff like this. When we were sleep deprived with our first we changed the word of “livin on Tulsa time” to our sons name. If you can’t laugh about the hard parts of parenting then your just too serious! Love this!
    Embracing The Good Life

    • Isn’t it silly what you do when you are sleep deprived and trying to keep sanity in your home? Thanks for the encouragement!


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