Prematurity and Adoption References

The month of November is probably one of the most important months for WiseMommies Bloggers. It is the month for Prematurity and Adoption awareness which are two very important topics personally and emotionally.

For November Prematurity Awareness Month, we had some amazing posts such as: Born too Soon;Life on a NICU for a Preterm Baby and his Mom, Meeting Your Premature Baby for the First Time, How I became a Mom to my Baby in an Incubator,10 Reasons Why Prematurity Awareness Month Matters and Jayden’s Journey

For Adoption Awareness Month, our very own Nicole had a featured post on another well-known Dallas blog and shared her heart grasping story: Our Adoption Story Part 1 and Part 2. For even more from Nicole, read her posts about fostering, fertility struggles, and adoption in our Wise Beyond Struggles Category.

To meet our demand from our followers for the prematurity posts, we have added a subcategory for Prematurity under the category Wise Beyond Struggles along with the adoption, fostering, and fertility struggles categories.

Amazing guest bloggers who shared their stories!
Amazing guest bloggers who shared their stories!

Some other Prematurity posts include: Tests run for possible preterm babies, KMC, Holding baby like a Kangaroo, Leaving a hospital without your newborn baby, Placed in different rooms in the NICU

If you have a story to share or have questions, please Contact Us. Stay tuned for more prematurity and adoption stories to follow, shortly, and year round.

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