Preparing for preemies

I didn’t buy any preemie or newborn clothes. I mean my first son was nearly 10 pounds, so come on, even with twins, I knew my babies were going to be big.


Well, thank goodness for a long-time, good, sorority, girlfriend, Stacey, who brought me over a sack full of preemie and newborn clothes. Yes, my babies were still born big for 32+ week old babies, however being that early, they most definitely needed newborn clothes. We are so happy that Stacey has prepared us with clothes. This is one more matter that I don’t have to stress about giving me more time to attend to my two newborn preemies.


Thank you Stacey for the pregnancy and nursing clothes as well as the newborn/preemie clothes. I’ll be thinking of you often as my boys have an abundance of clothes to wear and know that I’m thankful for not having to spend my time, now, shopping and buying clothes for them. Also, thank you for the meal you gifted us with!!

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