Pretty Good for a White Boy

These are actually the exact words all the nurses and doctors used. The fact that my 33 week and 2 day year old white boys were able to breastfeed is unusual and promising. I just thought it was funny to always be told, “wow your boys are doing good, for a white boy.”

From a mother’s standpoint, I am thrilled that they are breastfeeding especially since they were brought into this world too early. They need all the breastmilk they can get. Thus far, I’ve been able to pump or directly breastfeed not having to supplement anything.

From another standpoint, my own, I must say, my boys take after me, they were born into this world, fighters, they are fighting to grow strong and breastfeed. I’m already so proud of how hard they are working and fighting, everyday, to grow strong and healthy.

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