Preventing a picky/finicky eater: Results with my husband

Do you think Picky Eaters are Born or Made? Do you have picky eaters in your family? I married a picky eater, but quickly changed that. I strongly believe it is never too late to change anything when one is willing…or at least has an open mind. I’ve posted some results and how we’ve made changes to the diet of of my picky eater, the man I married.. I truly believe in my picky eater posts mainly because my determination of changing the picky eater in my life (husband) and not creating a picky eater with another one (my son) has come true…I have definite results. I love sharing these results with others in the hopes of helping, influencing, assisting, supporting or just bringing some hope!!!

Biggest Tip:
From my husband to my child, I involve them in their diet from meal decisions to preparing the meal. I also remind them how often they are gifted to endless homecooked meals. Home cooking is a labor of love and the chef should always be appreciated!!

Results starting with my husband
In the picture, you can see my husband eating an artichoke with my son. I boil and serve artichokes at least once a month. Last year, during a visit from a family member-in-law, while we were shopping at the grocery store, I started to get artichokes, never cooked before, but asked my family-in-law what they thought of me cooking them or if Ferdinand (my husband) liked artichokes. They said, oh no, he won’t eat artichokes, don’t get those. I forgot that my husband’s family still had Ferdinand labelled as a picky eater. If the truth be known, he is probably a better eater than his whole family put together, now!

Over the past 6 years, I have taken an extremely picky eater, my husband, Ferdinand, and made him a non-picky eater. When I met him, his mother had surrendered a lifetime of customizing separate meals especially for her husband and her son (my husband) to eat, different from what was being served to the rest of the family. This is a woman who worked as a teacher, raised 3 children, minded the home, a garden envious to everyone, and cared for horses in the stalls next to the home.

Before marrying, I sat down with my husband to inform him that he was getting a new type of chef. We came up with a game plan. The tips and ideas that I used to un-make my picky eater husband worked. I have established the same ideas for my son, since birth. I have shared and will be sharing all these tips/ideas throughout my many posts for picky eaters.

Do you have picky eaters in the family?

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