Preventing a picky/finicky eater: Results with my son

One of my friends who was struggling with a picky eater, turned to me one day, after a lunch battle with her own child and made the statement, I wonder when your child will become a picky eater? I replied with, He will never become a picky eater. She said, You can’t say that, you don’t know that. I looked right at her and repeated, I can say it, I know it, my son will never be a picky eater. She was surprised that I had made such a statement, as it couldn’t be something that I could help or prevent if he was “born” a picky eater or if it is that all children are picky eaters at some point. I, however, as stated beforehand, believe more that we create picky eaters (made) or can prevent picky eaters (born) from truly becoming or developing into picky eaters. Click here for my post: Picky Eaters Born or Mad?

The picture above shows my “tip #3” from post: More picky pointers: Getting your children to expand their palate. Smell all spices and herbs. Sometimes I’ll take down all the spice jars and one at a time I will smell and then let my son smell the spices. We feel and talk about which ones we like best, the color, and what foods we will use with the spices.

Always talk about the texture of the food to your children; touch, feel, explore
Always talk about the texture of the food to your children; touch, feel, explore
Talk about the color, texture and look of the food
Talk about the color, texture and look of the food

To this day, my 20+month yr old child still eats everything from unusual eats such as liver or artichokes, all fruits (especially exotic fruits) such as mangoes, papaya, dragon fruit, kiwis, and bananas, all berries, all squashes, root vegetables and over 20+ different types of potatoes.

My son’s diet doesn’t fall into the consistency of always serving/eating the “same” or “usual” dishes or foods. He eats dishes from all all over the world, as we are always trying new foods, foods cooked in different ways and with different spices/seasonings. My son also loves to eat cottage cheese, yogurt, any cheese in general, mixed casseroles and other vegetables such as brusselsprouts, spinach, asparagus and cauliflower. On top of all of that, he loves to add and eat spices ranging from curry and cinnamon to garlic and onions. Here are more posts:

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Now, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t love everything I put before him, but I always succeed at getting him to eat everything I serve him. No, I don’t puree the food as I believe that children need to experience the texture and fully taste everything they eat in order to develop their taste buds. While I do like the occasional casserole to “hide” some foods amongst others, I still believe that you have to find a way to “sell” each individual food item separately to the child at some point.

Smell smell smell and talk about smells
Smell smell smell and talk about smells
Here we are eating DRAGON fruit....We LOVE eating our exotic healthy food!
Here we are eating DRAGON fruit…We LOVE eating our exotic healthy food!

Overall, I believe success is made when you have created such a diet, which is always expanding, that they have hundreds of healthy choices and options.

Again, your child, just like we parents, won’t always like everything (at some point). However, the more creative you are with your food, expanding food sources, and spices, the less room your child will have to be picky or finicky.

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