Product Review: Rodan + Fields ACUTE CARE

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I won an Instagram giveaway for the Rodan + Fields ACUTE CARE. I really didn’t know what I was winning, but anytime I see “comment and win” I usually do it. My Facebook friend, Mindee Haas, has been promoting her Rodan + Fields business for quite a while and recently attended a conference where they reveled their newest product, ACUTE CARE. So here I was with a free sample for two uses and decided to give it a try.

Have you even heard of Rodan + Fields? I feel like so many of my friends sell AcuteCareor use it. It is a skin care product line created by the doctors behind Proactiv. I have one of their products, the Macro E, which is like a little microderm abrasion product you use weekly……or maybe monthly in my case. I am not a big beauty product connoisseur, honestly I have really tried to decrease the number of products we use on our bodies; but a girl does notice her wrinkles and changing skin. That is why I like the Macro E because it doesn’t use any chemicals, it just vibrates & exfoliates off the dead skin. So when Mindee told me that the ACUTE CARE only had 2 ingredients I decided I would try it. She dropped off a package that included some promotional material about R+F and one package that included two ACUTE CARE treatments.

The instructions are pretty easy, wash your face, slap ACUTE CARE on your face, check your eyelids for leaks, be woken up by calls of “I have to go pee, pee!!!!” and your wrinkles have taken a hike. It was easy to do, the ACUTE CARE is so see through and soft on your skin I almost forgot about it in the morning. The interesting part is that my R+F friends who had been promoting it mentioned these “cones” that get the hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid into your skin and YES it does feel like little cones poking your skin as you press it down. I decided to put it in my ski tracks between my eyes. I feel these have been the longest standing wrinkles that I have courtesy of my mother’s DNA.

Now before you scroll down to see the results a few disclaimers, I HATE before & after pictures. I feel they are always blurry or not in the same light and really just don’t do a good job of showing results. So I went into this thinking I was going to be BETTER than all those other people and took the photos in the same bathroom with the same lights and here I am….showing you some blurry photos with non-consistent lighting. I never realized how challenging this task actually turned out to be. From now on I will not be so skeptical of these types of photos. Second disclaimer….you are going to get to know my eyebrows REALLY well. You might even be able to identify them in one of those “she wore it worse” photos where they put blocks over the people’s eyes, but you will know it is me because there are a lot of eyebrow shots here. Oh and YES I also have lots and lots of skin damage. I’m sure Mindee (or any R+F consultant) could give me lots of suggestions on products to help with that. I know it, I really don’t care to change it, let’s move on and not focus on it too long. Unless you just want to compare your sunspots and angel kisses with mine.

Back to business….does this stuff work??? You tell me. The idea is that you use the ACUTE CARE on day one then wait 3 days and then reapply for up to 4 weeks. Here are my results from the first day.


See my little ski tracks? They are so prevalent in the first photo. They are about 3/4 inch long and way too deep. In the second picture you can see the ACUTE CARE working its magic. It is curved a little which makes sense for smile lines. And then BOOM do you see that Day 2 After picture. Where the heck are my ski tracks???? They are gone. This photo was taken about an hour after I took off ACUTE CARE. I was very impressed with how much flatter my skin was eyebrow to eyebrow. It was pretty impressive.

I was pretty impressed. REALLY, I didn’t have these trenches between my eyes. I looked at my skin in different lighting and could definitely tell it was different. Something unfortunate did happen, I did breakout a little bit in the area. This area of my skin tends to be very sensitive to products and as much as I hate to say it might be the ACUTE CARE… might be. Or it could just be my skin, who knows. I didn’t care because those pimples were not as apparent because I didn’t have uneven skin there like I did before. I waited the 3 days and then did the second treatment.

Second set

Here is where my picture taking fails me. I hope you can see the difference. You can definitely see my pimple friends in the Day 4 & 5 photos and although you can still see the lines of the ski tracks they are not these hard uneven bumps or trenches like before. And then there is the comparative Day 1 versus Day 10.


Now you see them, now you don’t. Yes they are still there, but really not like before. They are smoother and more filled in. Which is probably why Rodan + Fields says “Fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needles required”. If you are looking for something immediate to take away some wrinkles that have loved your skin way too long, and that does not require a doctor’s visit or needles, then this might be your best friend. For those interested Redefine Acute Care for Expression Lines will retail for $220 for a 12 week supply to treat one area (since you use it every 3 days for 4 weeks, then can take up to 8 weeks off) However, Preferred Customers will save 10% and only pay $198, plus receive free shipping when it is available to the public January 2015.
Want to get it now? It will be available on October 22nd during an exclusive savings sale for Preferred Customers (which will sell out!).

I know Mindee is willing to discuss the ACUTE CARE, Macro E or any of the great products that Rodan + Fields offers. Her website is and if you would like to learn which of their skincare lines is right for you they have put together this cool site to help you .  I know she would also love for me to mention that she and so many others have made some great earnings and bonuses from this business (I’m kind of jealous of all the free cars and vacations these girls get!) so if you are interested in joining Rodan + Fields here is some info

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